Mark this down

01.30.14 | By Ted

We just got word that on Saturday March,15
Big Boulder PARK will be hosting the second annual Analog Go Huck Yourself
More info and details coming soon.

Hiking keeps you warm

01.29.14 | By Heather

Come hike Plaza 2 with us tonight as we host the 2nd to last stop of the Collegiate Series Tour. Earn points by competing, earn more points by placing. Register in Guest Services until 5:30 Jam starts at 6.

Remember it is cold out there; so to keep that blood flowing hiking it your best option.


01.28.14 | By Heather

So here is the standings for the Collegiate Series.
Earn more points tomorrow by competing. Registration starts at 4 in Guest Services, $3.00 entry fee. Jam starts at 6 in the Plaza 2.
Last chance to earn points is Wednesday, February 12 in Jack Frost's Boneyard. Earn your points and make it into FINALS that day!!! So if you are on the lists below you better be there to compete! And to help Sean & Jon from 97.5 The Fanatic find Miss Frosty!

Heres the list of top 5 from each category.
1. Ari Morrone - 10
2. Lauren Longfield - 8
And all with 4 points: Addison Gardner, Maria Brunori and Taylor Keller

Mens Ski:
With 10 points: Steven Larick & Cody Gushlaw
Casey Arnold - 8
Charlie DuBois - 5
Tyler Michlik - 4

Mens Board:
1. Billy Keil - 8
2. Mikey Harleston - 6
And all tied with 4 points: Cody Paulah, Jimmy McCoor, John Healey, & Jack Cornell

LOVE getting some Love

01.27.14 | By Ted

There are a few new features that popped up on LOVE
I could tell you what they are, or you can just come check them out for yourself
I like the 2nd option better.

Hello Sunshine

01.26.14 | By Ted

blog photo.jpg
It doesn't get any better than this
Blue Skies
Fresh Snow
Do I need to say anymore
Open till 8pm
Tix & Rentals $15 after 3pm

5 Parks

01.25.14 | By Ted

That's right we now have 5 PARKS open with something for everyone to enjoy
We're not stopping there, expect more PARKS popping up in the near future
The snow is falling and conditions are on point right now
Stop reading this.
Get out here!

The Wait is Now Over

01.24.14 | By Ted

Everyone's favorite PARK is now OPEN!
Freedom PARK is packed top to bottom with 20 features for riders of all abilities
Don't let the cold stop you, its fun out there .


01.23.14 | By Heather

The park is going to be so awesome, that we don't feel like you are ready for how spectacular it is going to be. So we are going to keep it closed for one more day. Freedom WILL OPEN TOMORROW!
We still have 4 great PARKS open packed with features

Oh Tannenbaum

01.22.14 | By Ted

I know the holiday season is over, but that's not what I'm talking about.
I'm talking about our beginner PARK Tannenbaum is now OPEN!
For anyone that is new to Parks this is a great place to slide your first box, or ease into a new trick you want to learn
Small Features Big Fun

days off don't stop us

01.22.14 | By Heather

Just because Freedom is taking a day off doesn't mean our other parks are. LOVE is PRIME. BOULDER is PRIME. PLAZA 2 is PRIME. Go ride. And take some instagram photos to join the "fan of the week" at JFBB. GET YOUR PICTURE on the Billboard on 95. tag skijfbb and #skijfbbfanphoto to enter. Not only do you get your picture on the board but you get a nice little bag of goodies too.

Under Construction

01.21.14 | By Ted

Freedom PARK will be closed Wednesday
We're taking full advantage of these cold temps
Snowmaking is going at full strength
We're sorry for the inconvenience, but trust us it will be worth it


01.21.14 | By Ted

Cold temps have moved back in, and that means snowmaking will resume.
Also a little help from Mother Nature is always nice
Expect big changes in the PARKS
Don't forget to dress warm and have fun out there

Snow Day.

01.21.14 | By Heather

Schools have already said that you're getting out early so there is no reason for you to not be here at 3. Its days like theses that makes us happy that we don't open till 3 so we can all have a powder night for all of you school goin folk. See you out there!

DAY riding

01.20.14 | By Heather

Hey! We're open during the day today! You know what that means? You can ride our prime parks during day light! ON A MONDAY! we're open 8am-9pm. So enjoy!


01.19.14 | By Heather

YES it is snowing. YES you want to ride. YES we are staying open till 10 tonight. WHY are you still reading this when you could be riding!


01.17.14 | By Ted

New Freedom build, Come ride one the most fun parks on East
We're also working on LOVE, and maybe a few extras for this comming holiday weekend
Friday 3pm-9pm
Saturday 8am-10pm
Sunday 8am-10pm
Monday 8am-9pm
Holiday Rates Apply

SJO on newschoolers

01.16.14 | By Ted

Check out this awesome video and write up from new
Thanks for all the positive hype

Trans Am Recap

01.13.14 | By Ted

Despite all the rain, the Trans Am was still a huge success
Thanks to all the competitors who came out and braved the elements
An even bigger thanks to Transworld for bringing it back to Big Boulder
1st Billy Keil (Big Boulder Park Team)
2nd Kevin Kacynski
3rd Tyler Mengel

1st Katie Kennedy
2nd Caroline Patten
3rd Lauren Longfield

Best Crash:
Tim Bloom

Zumiez Best Trick Award
AJ Lawson- 1 foot front 3

Muslce Milk Riders’ Choice Award
Michael Yates

Pint Size Ripper Award
Miles Fallon (Big Boulder Park Team)


01.13.14 | By Heather

We're adding a last minute stop to the Collegiate Series Tour WORTH DOUBLE THE POINTS! Yes. We are making this one worth something. 8 points for the winner 6 points for 2nd place and 4 points for 3rd and 2 points for entering!


Here is the current standings:

Tied for 1st: Maria Brunori 4pts & Ari Morrone 4pts
Second: Taylor Keller 3pts

Mens Ski:
First: Steven Larick 6 points
Tied for 2nd: Charlie Dubois & Cody Guslaw 4 points

Mens Board: 1. Jimmy McCoor 2. Keegan 3. John Healey
1. Jack Cornell 2. Johnny 3. Evan Marmur


01.12.14 | By Heather

Okay, so you're hurting a little, had a rough night. You know the best cure is snowboarding or skiing. So take it easy this morning...starting at 3pm our Sunday Night Special kicks in.... $15 tubing 4-8 and $15 skiing or boarding after 3.

Big Boulder will be closing at 4pm today

01.11.14 | By Heather

We are closing today at 4pm. We will reopen at 8am tomorrow. Stay dry kids.

Trans Am

01.08.14 | By Ted

This Saturday at big boulder PARK
the 2nd stop of the TransWorld SNOWboarding TransAm
Click the link below to reg.

Collegiate Series

01.08.14 | By Heather

Today is the day for stop 2 on the Collegiate Series Tour. Its in the new Bone Yard at Jack Frost. Remember competing at each stop gets you points to make it the the finals directly after stop 4! Its going to be a good day so hurry up! Get dressed and don't wait till 3. Frost opens at 9. Jam starts at 2 Register at Guest Services until 1:30. Sweet prizes from Free2Ride, Skull Candy, Yuengling, Vita Coco and Spy.

Closing time

01.07.14 | By Heather

Closing time
Open all the doors and let you out into the world
Closing time
Turn all of the lights on over every boy and every girl
Closing time
One last call for alcohol so finish your whiskey or beer
Closing time
You don't have to go home but you can't stay here.

Closing today at 5pm due to the rolling black outs see you tomorrow at 3pm!